Google 18 Highest-paying tech positions pay packages

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Google 18 Highest-paying tech positions pay packages

Google is among the most sought after employers for techies across the world. The main driving factor for getting a job at companies like Google is the pay package. Software developers must understand how to negotiate salaries. The main driving factor in these negotiations is the speciality of the developer and how it aligns with Google’s core competencies.

The search engine giant looks for developers with experience and expertise. Google offers higher pay packages to techies with skills in technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Typically the salary package consists of base salary, target bonus, and sign-on bonus.

Here are the top 18 tech job roles and their average pay packages at Google:

  1. Vice president of engineering: $475,000
  2. Software engineer: $100,000-$353,000
  3. Director of software and site reliability engineering: $389,000
  4. Engineering manager: $182,000-$260,000
  5. Privacy engineer: $184,000
  6. Application engineer: $105,000-$189,000
  7. Research scientist: $132,000-$268,000
  8. Data scientist: $105,000-$200,000
  9. Product design engineer: $93,000-$153,000
  10. Data analyst: $84,000-$162,000
  11. Analytical lead: $92,482-$128,000
  12. Hardware engineer: $110,000-$243,000
  13. Hardware reliability engineer: $109,000-$126,000
  14. Network engineer: $81,500-$187,000
  15. Optical network engineer: $116,000
  16. Manufacturing engineer: $112,000-$195,000
  17. Mechanical engineer: $106,000-$124,000
  18. User experience engineer: $116,000-$206,000
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