Construction Superintendent with Security Clearance


Cooper Building Services LLC

The Site Superintendent is the individual directly responsible for the expeditious completion of the physical work. The physical activity on the site is the source of potentially great successes or extreme liabilities. The Superintendent, accordingly, must not only be a competent constructor, but must develop and maintain a profound respect for the necessary contributions of each member of the project team. Documentation is a fundamental component of the Superintendent’s responsibility. Thus, the Superintendent must be a competent building constructor and administrator, as well as possessing significant skills as a team builder. He or she must be able to develop confidence among the direct employees and Subcontractors on the site, mold them all into a cohesive workforce, and keep the project always moving forward. Core Competencies:
• Clear and timely communication.
• Respectful collaboration internally and externally.
• Proactive mindset and action oriented.
• Strong self-motivation and time/task management.
• Unwavering commitment to ethical conduct. General duties of the Site Superintendent:
• Maximize profitability through efficient administration of the work and providing supervision of the highest professional standards.
• Reporting to the Project Manager and carrying out his or her directives with respect to field operations.
• Working to assure adequate staffing of the workforce, supplies of materials, and complete information as necessary for assembly.
• Enforcing the Cooper Safety Program.
• Managing all Quality Control procedures.
• Developing the progress schedule with the Project Manager and generating, securing, and otherwise confirming all information needed to monitor, and modify the progress schedule on a continuing basis.
• Participating in scope reviews of the various bid packages in order to properly coordinate and ensure that nothing is left out and nothing is bought twice. • Working with the Project Manager to develop and administer the site utility plan, site services, security arrangements, safety program, and other facilities and arrangements necessary for appropriate service to the construction effort.
• Monitoring actual versus required performance by all parties; bring deviating performances back in line.
• Monitoring the performance of Cooper’s purchasing and project engineering efforts to ensure that all subcontracts, material purchases, submittals, deliveries, clarifications, and changes are processed in time to guarantee their arrival at the jobsite by the time needed.
• Directing any Cooper field staff.
• Being thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the general contract, and identifying changes, conflicts, etc., that are beyond the scope of Cooper responsibility.
• Preparing daily reports, job diaries, narratives, backcharges, notice documentation, and other special documentation as detailed in this and other section so of the manual, and as may be determined by Cooper and by project needs.

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