Digital Design Engineer with Security Clearance


John Galt Staffing

The Secure, Resilient Systems and Technology Group at Lincoln Laboratory is made up of security architects, software developers, hardware and electrical engineers, cryptographers, computer scientists, and systems analysts, who share a common passion for solving the hardest technical problems in national security. We pursue innovative, high-impact, practical research in small, focused teams. We succeed by being involved in all R&D phases, including problem analysis and innovative solution design, system architecture, rapid prototyping and field-testing, and ultimately transfer of our technology to DoD, Intelligence Community, and other government sponsors, as well as to industry. Being part of MIT, we also collaborate closely with academia and publish our research in top-tier venues.
We are looking for a Digital Design Engineer experienced in the design and implementation of architectures and algorithms targeting System on a Chip and FPGA processing architectures. Knowledge of secure system development or interest and willingness to learn is necessary to successfully carry out this position. You will help us create advanced technologies for ensuring security and resiliency of next-generation mission-critical systems relevant to national security. Work will include, but not limited to, leading the design and implementation of secure embedded system architectures to carry out mission critical processing tasks. Our R&D activities in this area focus on implementing foundational technologies, security subsystems, and test-beds for such mission-critical systems, including encryptors for secure communication and storage, and secure processors. Development will involve system level trade space analysis based on a set of functional and security requirements. Success is measured in the ability of the candidate to clearly present reason for design level decisions and then realize the design in a functional prototype demonstrating that it meets all system functional and security requirements. Required Skills:
• Knowledge of secure system development or interest and willingness to learn
• Experience with the implementation and testing of cryptographic algorithms or interest and willingness to learn
• Demonstrated ability to perform trade-space analysis and clearly communicate findings
• Demonstrated proficiency in embedded systems development leveraging VHDL/Verilog hardware description language; embedded C experience to validate system functionality
• Demonstrated ability to design and validate high speed interfaces
• Ability to read schematics and IC chip data sheets to understand software/firmware interface requirements
• Candidates must be enthusiastic, innovative and motivated self-starters able to work independently, or with a group, to achieve program requirements
• Candidates must possess strong oral and written communications skills, and must be able to clearly present results Preferred Skills:
• Requirements analysis, trade-space analysis, and system engineering
• Engineering, manufacturing, board building in production environments
• Hardware and software testing
• Knowledge of government requirements, documentation, and certification process of DoD systems

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