Field Desktop Support L3


Tata Consultancy Service Limited

Tier 3 (L3) IT infra support is the finalline of support and comprises a technical team that deals with technicalproblems. Troubleshooting, configuration, database administration, and repair forserver, network, infrastructure, Data Center, email, file shares, and otherinfrastructure issues. Besides always having the ability to deploy solutions tonew problems, a Level 3 tech usually has the most expertise in a company and isthe go-to person for solving difficult issues.
Withyears of experience, the L3 experts can manage and resolve almost any problemthat requires high expertise. They can also control the infrastructure, cloud,network, and DC level operations. All the high-end administration tasks aresecure in their hands, and it is advisable to have at least an L3 leveltechnician as a team leader in every operation. These engineers userequirements and aim to replicate problems to detect the root cause. They haveaccess to the highest technological support for fixing issues or developing newfeatures. Their team mainly consists of chief engineers who designed theproduct or service.

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