Social Media(Freshers) – Online Reputation Executive,Bhanzu

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About Us: Through Bhanzu, we aim to eradicate math phobia and encourage careers in math and STEM fields among learners from across the world. Bhanzu is bridging the gap between dreams and competence, by enabling students to realise their full potential and introduce them to science, coding and AI, through the lens of math. Expectations from ORM: Social Listening Social CRM Regularly produce positive content for engagement with the audience. Have an understanding of search engine behavior, social media, forums, blogs, ratings and reviews, etc. These are considered to be the most important and basic skills of a reputation manager. Work towards enhancing and building the organization’s reputation by constantly measuring the effectiveness of your strategies. Establish policies and procedures, systems and standards that will avoid any negative impacts on the organization Development of Positive Content, scheduled regular positive stories to build trust Engagement with the Audiences, based on positive attributes of the brand Key Responsibilities: The ORM Executive is responsible for on-line content, tracking and analysis of reputation factors and account to successful management of Brand’s reputation Facilitate problem resolution along with other questions Consistently create an exceptional consumer experience with each contact via inbound / outbound post/tweet/email Performing an in-depth audit of the information on the world wide web and ensure positive reputation of the Brand Continuously monitoring /Tracking the reputation of the brand on various outlets, e.g. social media, search engines, blogs & social communities, consumer forums, etc.

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