Software Developer with Security Clearance


Source Moon Consulting, LLC

The Contractor shall provide best effort support based on a Firm Fixed Price-Level of Effort (FFP-LOE). The Government Task Manager (GTM) will provide schedule and priorities and will monitor hours at the overall STAR level. The Contractor shall provide ample warnings to the GTM when resource utilization approaches annual, hourly maximums. Contractor personnel serving in designated High Risk Roles (HRR) are required to comply with the Sponsor’s screening program, whereby completion of a medical screening process to obtain a medical clearance is required. The Sponsor will determine the appropriate level of medical screening based on the High Risk Roles specifically identified by the GTM.
introduction The Sponsor has a need for Java development support utilizing BMC Remedy API services. The Sponsor’s BMC Remedy ticketing system fulfills service requests and incidents submitted by personnel regarding the Sponsor’s mission systems and supported facilities, and provides information to allow managers to make decisions regarding resources and risks. The work will be performed within a team environment in an already existing codebase and must integrate seamlessly with other Sponsor applications. Work Requirements Software Development Support – HRR: YES The Contractor Team shall be required to communicate and collaborate across organizational boundaries, to include other contractor teams. The Contractor Team shall be required to work with Sponsor staff and contractor personnel, as well as external stakeholders. The Contractor Team shall work with applications in the Sponsor’s cloud or on-premise environments. The Contractor Team shall provide support for the implementation, designing and building of enhancements, and long-term maintenance of web capabilities for Remedy Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) services. The Contractor Team shall design and develop the application in a web environment. The Contractor Team shall analyze user needs and develop software solutions. The Contractor Team shall design or customize software for client use to optimize operational efficiency. The Contractor Team shall perform testing, debugging, and quality assurance of the Sponsor application. The Contractor Team shall play a major role in maintaining and implementing a modern, highly utilized customer portal as a mission enabling application used daily.
required skills and demonstrated experience The Contractor Team shall have the following required skills, certifications and demonstrated experience: Demonstrated experience developing web application front-ends with Java. Demonstrated experience developing software using languages such as JavaScript. Demonstrated experience using Java Script Object Notion (JSON) for Application Program Interface (API) development. Demonstrated experience developing software using markup languages such as JSON, CSS, and HTML. Demonstrated experience developing software using strongly typed programming language concepts. Demonstrated experience developing software using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software such as Eclipse. Demonstrated experience developing and utilizing RESTful interfaces. Demonstrated experience using version control systems such as Git or SVN for development. Demonstrated experience interfacing against BMC Remedy API services. Demonstrated experience developing and maintaining a web portal against a BMC Remedy instance. Demonstrated experience using Agile development methodologies and JIRA. Highly Desired skills and demonstrated experience Skills and demonstrated experiences that are highly desired but not required to perform the work include: Demonstrated experience developing web applications using Java Spring. Demonstrated experience with the Sponsor’s systems, services, and networks. Demonstrated experience with the Sponsor’s authentication and authorization (A&A) process. Demonstrated experience leveraging Apache Tomcat as a webserver. Demonstrated experience upgrading and refining existing production applications (i.e., working with legacy code). Demonstrated experience supporting enterprise level production systems. Place of performance The primary place of performance is at a Sponsor location in WMA.
Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Level
The maximum number of FTEs is 2 (two). Actual FTE bid, labor category and skill level is at the discretion of the Contractor.
Transitioning Existing work or new Requirement
New requirement
Requirement being re-competed
Requirement being transitioned from another contract
Travel is anticipated for this contract: YES NO

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