Systems Administrator with Security Clearance


John Galt Staffing

The successful candidate will establish, extend, and maintain infrastructure supporting Linux-based development tailored for Group needs and Laboratory requirements. Infrastructure may include support for system provisioning, updating, configuration management, compliance reporting, data storage and cloud processing, automated build and test, packaging, and package distribution. Tasks supporting the development of infrastructure include understanding staff development processes and needs; identifying opportunities to streamline processes and eliminate pain points; capturing requirements and building consensus among stakeholders; maintaining knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies and best practices; representing and advocating for Group needs within the larger Laboratory system administration community; implementing, deploying, and troubleshooting infrastructure software and hardware systems. This position also requires assisting staff with Linux issues and supporting wider Division-level System Administration activities as needed. Required skills:
-Demonstrated ability to architect, implement, and extend infrastructure to provide Laboratory staff with a highly effective Linux experience.
-Combination of DevOps administration and Linux systems administration
-Ability to communicate effectively, including working in close collaboration with staff on technical topics, electronic correspondence, issue tracking, and preparing presentations and other materials to explain and advocate for a desired solution.
-Experience integrating GNU/Linux in an environment where Microsoft Windows in the dominant client operating system.
-Extensive knowledge and experience with git, github, and other source code management tools.
-Extensive knowledge of Python, bash, CMake, and other scripting languages.
-Familiarity with virtualization platforms, such as virtual machines and containers.
-Knowledge of basic administration of server applications, such as apache, MySQL, mediaWiki, Squid, NFS, DHCP, DNS
-Knowledge and experience with architecting, implementing and enhancing AWS Gov Cloud solutions
-Knowledge and experience with Terraform, Kubernetes or Packer or other IaC applications Preferred Skills:
-Knowledge and experience with Linux automated configuration management tools, with ansible experience preferred.
-Extensive experience with GNU/Linux on the desktop and server, with Debian and Ubuntu distribution experience preferred.

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