Technical Device Manager


Artech LLC

Additional Information 5/7:

Hello, the RM has requested several interviews. we have several confirmed for the week of 5/13 which is the requested time frame for scheduling these interviews. Please keep in mind the management team follows a hybrid schedule onsite only Tues, Wed, THurs and remote M/F. Once these contractors start ,the contractors will work onsite every day M-F 9am to 5pm.

Additional Information 4/29:

Hello, reviewed all 7 resumes in my queue. Only 2 had the required information : pay rate, bill rate, planned time off. Please make sure you are updating the supplier notes with this information on all submitted and shortlisted candidates. they will not be considered otherwise.

Additional Information 4/17:

I just shortlisted 4 more resumes. iF your candidate(s) were not shortlisted it’s because they are missing some or all of these details in the summary notes.

pay rate:

bill rate:

upcoming planned time off:

Additional Information 4/17:

The RM team asked that this template be added to the candidates in reviewing status as well. Please update the summary notes for the candidates that have been shortlisted. If they are no longer available, please withdraw them. thank you!

Additional Information 4/16:

We have 6 resumes in the queue to review for short listing. can you please add these details to the summary notes? the RM is requesting this information to help streamline the process and minimize any issues at the tie of offer extended/accepted around rate adjustments and time off requests:

pay rate:

bill rate:

upcoming planned time off:

Additional Information 3/7:

Please see feedback below on interviews so far. Will review now for short listing. Please continue submitting resumes.

Candidate 1- pass – lacked technical details and explanations on his previous roles.

Candidate 2 – pass – struggled in the interview with explaining previous experiences and lacked production knowledge and experience.

Candidate 3 pass – wasn t able to go into the technical details on workflow and HW for productions and edits.

Candidate 4 pass – Focus and goals were more on being a producer and less on the technical side of production.

Technical Device Manager (On-site)

Assignment description

As a member of the Technical Device Management team, you will play a critical role in helping the production team create marketing and training content for the client s released and unreleased products. Technical Device Managers work within the Technical Production Services group and support our producers and creatives on video production and photography projects by providing product expertise during our productions. Technical Device Managers know anything and everything about the client s devices and larger ecosystem of services.

They ensure our products remain true to function and act as a liaison between engineering, product marketing, branding, content and production. They also work with creatives to prototype, load, and screen capture content on devices. Some of this content is used in launch videos, Keynotes, guided tours, digital signage, and advertisements. Technical Device Managers are hands-on, and have a deep understanding of hardware and software products. They also have experience working in a production environment, especially with video and film.


Provide technical product expertise to our producers and creatives during pre-production and production.

Provide clarity on usage scenarios, as well as device and app behaviors in line with PM intentions.

Handle device logistics and shipments of unreleased products around the world.

Responsible for screen captures, data management, and content loading on devices, as well as troubleshooting device networking and other technical issues.

Request and prepare inventory of products, and prototype content for creatives prior to a shoot.

Create and load screens on devices as needed.

Be the liaison between all cross functional teams and a resource to answer all technical questions about our products.

Follow security protocols on set and make sure devices and IP are not exposed.

Continuously learn and be the authority in everything.

Key Qualifications

At least 5 – 8 years in a technical production role.

Extensive experience with hardware/software products. Genius experience a plus.

An ability to support the management of an initiative from a concept through to a concrete deliverable as a project with specialist technical knowledge.

You have video and photo production experience.

You are comfortable and willing to travel abroad.

Good experience with networking and technical troubleshooting.

You have project management experience.

You follow through with commitments and foster mutual trust with fellow team members and internal customers.

You are resourceful and have excellent technical problem solving skills.

You possess excellent communication and time management skills, with the ability to work equally well independently and within a team environment.

You have good judgment and can follow security practices to protect our unreleased devices from exposure.

Experience using creative tools such as Photoshop, After effects, Final Cut a plus.

Skilled in Agile development.

May be certified in PMP or Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

HTML and Javascript experience is a plus.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s or equivalent degree preferred.

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